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3 Ways to Prep for Your First Interview in Tech

31/01/2018 By Lily Senior

Ready to start planning your career in tech?  As the industry that created more jobs in the UK than any other sector in 2017, you probably should be. 

More jobs, bigger salaries, inspiring, collaborative work environments that value your ideas and quality of life, jobs nearly anywhere in the world – the list is endless. But how do you get onto the first step of this golden ladder? Start by prepping yourself with the latest facts before your interview – and do some serious networking.   

Tech this out: the industry’s latest facts and figures

“Pioneers at the forefront of a great British success story.”  This is how the prime minister recently described those working in the tech industry. And she’s not exaggerating. The UK is breaking new ground when it comes to global digital tech, from FinTech to artificial intelligence. 

Here are some recent facts and figures to get you started:

In 2015, digital tech turnover in the UK was £170 billion
The UK is home to over a third of Europe’s tech entrepreneurs 
The UK has more than twice as many tech unicorns (start-ups valued at US$1 billion) than any other country on the continent 
Digital tech contributes £97 billion a year to our economy – it’s growing twice as fast as the wider economy
We invested £6.8 billion in tech in 2016 – that’s over 50% more than any other European country
At £28 billion, digital tech in the UK received almost 2.5 times more venture capital and private equity investment in the past four years than any other country in Europe
The UK is Europe’s digital tech skills hub – it’s home to 8 out of Europe’s top 20 universities  
London has twice as many GitHub users as Paris or Berlin 
Yes, London is big on tech, but the rest of the UK is pretty hot too: last year 68% of digital tech investment (more than £4.6 billion) was recorded outside of the capital 
Read more on the latest figures from the UK tech industry in: Tech Nation 2017.


Network early to build knowledge and make connections

Our capital city hosts 3x more tech Meetups than any other city in Europe – with 22,000 last year alone. 

If you’re a grad wanting to impress at your interview and meet potential mentors and accelerators, it’s time to get in on the networking action. Check out this list of upcoming tech Meetups in London or look at what’s happening closest to you. 

La Fosse consultants also regularly host tech industry networking events; so if you join our team you'll be building your network (and hosting your own events!) in the tech space too. Learn more.


Know what’s happening and who’s who

Being familiar with the movers and shakers on the UK tech scene will fill you – and your interviewer - with confidence. So do your research. Here are a few good places to start.   

Tech London News: this website features everything you need to know about the industry in the capital and beyond – including the latest news, upcoming IPOs, jobs, co-working spaces and much, much more
Techworld: another treasure trove for all things UK tech – and a vitally important source of information for grads looking to build their knowledge before interviews
Wired: this platform is a minefield of information when it comes to what’s happening in the world of tech. Start with their article on London’s hottest start-ups and move on from there. 

As a grad looking into a future in tech – you couldn’t really be standing in a more exciting place. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and grab opportunities with both hands. And if you haven’t sorted out an interview quite yet, get in touch with us.  

We can help you get your career started in tech by offering you immediate, hands-on experience working with the industry’s most exciting start-ups and FTSE 100 companies. 

If you’re driven, passionate about digital tech, and have commercial ambition – we’d love to hear from you:

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Unless noted, all figures in this post were taken from Tech City UK’s latest survey, Tech Nation 2017.

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